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With the objective of encouraging the extra curricular activities of the inmates Entertainment show called “ THUDAWE DARUWO ” was staged at the Wadduwa Wijaya Kumaratunga Auditorium on 17-03-2012.It was a very successful Entertainment show held due to the co operation and assistance of the Dancing Teacher.



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It was initiated as a request from the girls and Bord of trustees has taken effort by fund rising ,message passing and coordinating the ceremony with souvenirs ,inviting guest and managing ,sound ,lighting and supportive dancing teams.From the talent show they have reflect there harmony , sharing happiness and work toward same goal sane as from one mother.It has become a great opportunity to reflect the hidden talents of these children.




List of Events

  1. Puuja Dance
  2. Theme Song
  3. Wirodi Wannama
  4. Dance for song “Sudu Sanda Eliye”
  5. Gajaba Wannama
  6. Sura Pappa ,Jim Pappa (Astrix ) Drama
  7. Coconut Sell Dance
  8. Tea Plucker Dance
  9. Nanu Muraya
  10. Tamil Dance
  11. Raban Dance
  12. Wadiga Patuna
  13. Hindi Dance

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