well-wishes8The following well wishers have forwarded their messages of Goodwill wishing all success to the Tudawe Child Development Centre;

Professor Ven. Kotapitiye Rahula Nayaka Thera of Bodirajaramaya, Talpitiya,the Senior Lecturer of Peradeniya University.

Ven.Sasthrapathi Thalpitiye Chandarathana Thera of Daladawaththa Rajamahaviharaya.

Mr.G.G.D. Somarathna, Commissioner of Child Care and Probation, Western Province,
Mr.Jagath Sumathipala,President of All Ceylon Buddhists Congress

We wish to extend our heart felt thanks to our local and foreign donors mentioned earlier with, All Ceylon Buddhists Congress and others who extended their co operation and assistance towards Tudawe Child Development Centre in the past, further we sought their over whelming support and assistance in the future, too towards this institution to develop it smoothly to serve the society and the country. As this is a non profit organizations durability is depend on  your donations. So that your contribution for our children’s home’s well fair means a lot to us.  Actually the vast majority of our income comes from donations made from all of you.

If anyone is willing to join with us we are wormy welcome you.