Statue of Studying Room

Memorial Plaques of Studying Room

After fulfilling major requirements in facilities ,the Metron and Board of Trustees able to  aware on education ,skills and competencies development of children more than previously . Addressing the need of separate calm place for studying and conduction the classes for elder sisters. Based on the Initiation of Mrs Silvia from Germay ,Sunil’s  friends  funded to create Study room which equipped with traditional learning tools in 2004.It was named as “Sumanasiri Perera Memorial Hall” in order to remember the great service rendered by former secretory Mr Sumanasiri Perera died with an accident  .




Garden of Tudawe children home has adequate free space to play and enjoy. Same time small girls have separate area called “play ground” with swing, sizo ,merino-round and sliding tower .They can spend the leisure time with other sisters and enjoy their life same as other children live in a house.Most of the items are constructed based on the donations of Foreigners and local Fund providers.Father Tudawe children home had a netball court which is good playground for former girls.However it is now removed due to lack of interest in netball and board has decided to improve the sports awareness with future developments.

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Metronass and Board emebers always trty to enhance the spiritual qualities,social friendly behaviors and value added to the these girls from there younger age.Girls are   trained to do gardening and grow vegetables and flowers .Each children have a tree which is responsible to feed up ,protect and ripe harvest.There effort will admired when the harvest is using in the kitchen while food perpetration or beautify the garden when visitors arrived….plants ,,flowers

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Samanala Uyana ( Butterfly Garden )

b190Tudawe Children Home Premises contain a special section called Samamnala Uyana (Butterfly Garden) where there are number of flowers and plants have been planted in a way that seeding and growth of butterfly is improving.trees,,,,This will create environmental friendly attitude within children from the small age which influence them to protect plants and animals when they grown up.