පරාතථයන කීතියෙ පරාර්ථය පිණිස මිස කිර්තිය පිනිස නොවේ | Welfare is not for Pride

Our Vision

Our vision is to put an end to the sufferings of innocent children who are being tampered by social imbalances and injustice;

to recreate their childhoods through justice and social equality and through that, create a better future for them.

Our Mission 

Our mission is to foster, protect and provide, for those children who have been disowned, neglected, orphaned or abused and to provide all the inhabitants with welfare and guidance.


We Study-Be Wise

All the children in the Tudawe Children Development Center has full right to have the good education to the maximum extent she can . As the topic highlighted “we study-be wise” they show their colors in various fields.  Metron with the support of the Board has provide all the facilities  for each girl with the maximum personal attention on their education.

Based on the development and age  matron and board try to provide best suitable educational opportunities. Youngest girl is attending to the Grade one in primary School and the eldest having the vocational training or the higher education based on there skills ans the results.The assistant Metron gives fullest support by bringing them to schools ,extra classes  and vocational centers keeping mind about the  security of the girls.