Shrine Room & Computer Room

 Our Shrine Room


Our former trustee, Mrs. M.D.L.Gunathilaka Jayathunga has rendered a great service to Tudawe Children Development Center as holding the Secretory. In addition, she has taken the initiation to build a  Shrine Room in 1996 with her own money with the purpose of improving the religious activities of children which ultimately creates a good human being. 

However, Shrine Room was not in the good condition during 2020 due to the time period from its build. The Board of Trustees had planned to rehabilitate it in a respectable manner. New shine room was finished in 2023 based on the the self-donation and effort of the Sanjeewa and Priyantha Udugahpaththuwa family.

There initiation and dedication to complete the work need to be adminred by all the well wishers of the Tudawe Children Home.



computer room- tudawe childern home

Our Computer Room  

The computer room consists of three working computers, and one of them was donated recently by a German  donor to improve the computer literary.Other two Computers are Older types which are not up to the present technical standards. Matron and the board has taken action to spend on private  computer teacher to tech Information Technology and related lessons for elder girls to enhance their knowledge and the ability to use the computers effectively. It enable them to brightener there future coping up with future.  Actually the computer literacy is very important and essential in today’s world because most of the manual activities are computerized.