Your donations

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Your donations Tudawe Children Home accommodates thirty-five to forty children based on the availability of the accommodation and other facilities. The Board of Trustees and Merton expect your support to make these children’s life happy and their future secured, your Donations will be the path for that. You can visit Tudawe Children’s Home and give them your kind donations from your hand or you can send your valuable gift using some other way. Daily  Tudawe Children Home operates on a … Continue reading “Your donations”

Our Future Program

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Our Future Program We decided to construct a new building to expand the development program. Due to the non-availability of Funds we had to postpone it but we had now decided to construct the building in due course by collecting sufficient funds. It mainly contains a room activated to 40 children new verandah which allocates as a learning area for elder girls, a sports area upstairs.   If you see this effort is worthwhile you can directory debit our Bank … Continue reading “Our Future Program”