We Play – We Win

Our talents are not bound only to conventional education. When we play we win there. we could achieve the top level of various sectors such as sports.

The inmates of the Tudawe Child Development Home participated in the sport meets organized by the Western Province Childcare and Probation Dept.

   enfant_51             They won the following events;  

              •   First Place Kalutara District Sports Meet held in 2010
              •   Runners up Kalutara District in 2011
              •   First Place in Kalutara District 2012
              •   First Place in Western Province 2012

The inmates’ participated at the Annual Sports Meet Organized by the Sammastha Lanka Baudha Sammelanaya in 2013 Inter House Sport Meet held in Colombo Inmates of the Tudawe Child Development Centre participated and won the following events.

                      Winnings – Sports Meets held in  2011 Kalutara District

              • Under 8-10 yrs Gunny Bag Race – First Place
              •  Under 11-13 yrs High Jump – First Place
              • Under 8-10 yrs Relay Race for Girls – First Place
              • Under 8 -10 yrs 50o Meters Race- First Place
              • Mixed Races Senior B -Division – First Place
              • Dancing Competition Junior Division – First Place
              • Poetry Competition Senior B Division – First Place

                      Winnings – Sports Meets held in  2009 – Western Province

              •  Coconut leaves weaving competition – First Place
              • Marking eye on Elephant Competition – First Place