Get together 2015

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Get together 2015 A get together was held at Tudawe Children Development Centre in March 2015 with the participation of children who were grown up there since 1991. It was organized by the children currently living there which was a concept of their chief matron. Children who lived there in past have completed their school education and they got the ability to build their own lives. Most of them got married and having their own families now. Some were occupied … Continue reading “Get together 2015”

Annual Pirith Pinkama

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Annual Pirith Pinkama The Institution paying gratitude committed merits on the late members of the Board of Trustees of Tudawe Child Development Centre who demised from by  holding a Annual pirith pinkama and arms giving .In addition all the ancestors of tudawe philonthropic family were   committed merits by the alms giving on behalf of  10 Buddhist monks at 12 th of May 2013.     The members passed away were R.K. Perera, Former Secretary Sumanasiri Perera, Former Vice President M.K.Perera, … Continue reading “Annual Pirith Pinkama”