Your donations

Tudawe Children Home accommodates thirty-five to forty children based on the availability of the accommodation and other facilities. The Board of Trustees and Merton expect your support to make these children’s life happy and their future secured, your Donations will be the path for that. You can visit Tudawe Children’s Home and give them your kind donations from your hand or you can send your valuable gift using some other way.


Tudawe Children Home operates on a daily timetable and children have three meals with two tea times. By contacting them you can reserve a time of your choice and share your happiness with them or you can donate…


As well as the things to eat and drink Children need a lot of other things monthly. They also met with accidents while playing, and get affected to diseases, they need to be clean and safe, and need to keep the premises clean, beyond that they need electricity, water, and telephone to study at night, for the computer lab, to be washed and to communicate with their parents and sponsors time to time.


Same as other children, These Girls also need to wear new uniforms, souse and go to school with new books. In addition, they need to keep their garden beautiful while maintaining the building for younger.You can give or support to get these done.