Tudawe Philanthropist Family

During the 18 th century well known Tudawe Family lived in Thalpitiya Wadduwa engaged in religious and social activities in helping the temple and the poor families providing wealth and attending their needs. When the ancestors of the Tudawe philanthropist family passed away, the sons and daughters wanted to look after their business activities operating in Colombo and decided to live in Colombo leaving their old parental house and property at Talpitiya valued millions of Rupees.

They went to Colombo and lived because it was very convenient to run their business enterprises. Late Lawrence Tudawe encouraged the other family members of the Tudawe family to donate the parental House and Property to a religious organization in the Country.

Mr.D.A.De.S.Tudawe & Mrs.D.A.De.S.Tudawe

Mr.D.A.De.S.Tudawe —— Mrs.D.A.De.S.Tudawe

A family friend Francis Wanigersekera suggested that the Parental House and Prioperty of Tudawe Family situated lonely at Thalpitiya should be donated to the Buddhists Organisation called Samastha Lanka Bauddha Maha Sammelanaya (All Ceylon Buddhists Congress) in Colombo . At a discussion of all family members decided unanimously to donate their parental house and property to this Religious and Social Organization.