Funds and Scholarship Offered

List of individual donor including Kusuma Paranagama, Swarna Padmini Thisera ,Soma Gunatilleka and Chitra Wijesekera who support for us for our education and facilities.

It was a pleasure to tell that lot of people are happy about the children education and life in Thudwe Children Development Center.There are some funds and scholarship offered to the children’s home. We appreciate donor advised funds and scholarships contributors  donated funds and Food items for the use of the inmates. Further  interest of the Capital Fund at the Bank was used to renovate the building of the Tudawe Children Home and to meet other expenses.It is keep for the security and safety propose of children. In addition to our main donors   Samurdi Department and Mrs.Chitra Wijesekera, of Wadduwa’ Sugathagamini Sansadaya also contributed to the developments in the Lamanivasaya .They will allocate funds annually for maintenance and to bud dry rations for the daily meals. A scholarship fund was initiated was inaugurated in 1999 by Kusuma Paranagama residing in Australia by depositing Rs 2000/. tudawe children scholershipIn 2004 Swarna Padmini Thisera residing in Oman contributed Rs 125,000.00 to the Fund to pay gratitude to Late Sumanasiri Perera who was the secretary of the Board of trustees of the Tudawe Children Home in 2004.Four Scholarships were granted from the Sumanasiri Memorial Fund to four children. Muthuhara Lama Samajaya was inaugurated by Soma Gunatilleka to mould the character of the inmates of the Lama Niwasaya in 1998.   We had to remember the local donors who support us with delicious breakfast ,lunch or dinner.We accept your priceless effort and  merit your family members passed away. Further lot of foreigners and local donors support us with foods, sweet items books ,cloths , household materials ,entertainment items and other equipment.Some of them organize collaborative events and fun games with children which break there same pattern and provide chance to reflect there talents .We tale this movement to thank all the members and We expect your support to make our future brighter….