All the children in the Tudawe Children Development Center has full right to have the good education to the maximum extent she can . As the topic highlighted “we study-be wise” they show their colors in various fields.  Metron with the support of the Board has provide all the facilities  for each girl with the maximum personal attention on their education.

Based on the development and age  matron and board try to provide best suitable educational opportunities. Youngest girl is attending to the Grade one in primary School and the eldest having the vocational training or the higher education based on there skills ans the results.The assistant Metron gives fullest support by bringing them to schools ,extra classes  and vocational centers keeping mind about the  security of the girls.

 The facilitators and scholarship providers  has to be really thankful because most of the girls are having individual  scholarship provider or  facilitator.Each one will get the pens ,pencils and text books  with new school uniforms ,shouse equivalent to  girls live with the parents.With the support of the Merton as well as the elder sisters they get prepared to go to school indicating there ability to be self learning.The share the knowledge and enjoy  these discussions.

Thalpitiya Central College , Wadduwa Balika Vidyalaya and Weragama Central College are the school major schools students attend to there education.From the last year few went to Wadduwa Cental college in order to provide good education  based on individual talent .


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