Handy Craft of Girl for Matorn's Birth Day

Handy Craft of Girl for Matorn’s Birth Day

Since the opening of the Tudawe Lama Nivasaya (Tudawa Children Development Center) at Thalpitiya in Wadduwa, 144 children were grown up and entered to the society as disciplinary elders to live in peace and harmony with others. There were 31 inmates at the Lama Nivasaya during the year 2013, at the end of the year they left as elders becoming valuable child home sri lanka. They will integrate with the school education, other extra curriculum activities, dancing and sports .In addition all of them attend to Sunday school and learn the Buddhism and take part in the activities like Daladawaththa Perahara. Same time they are good in music, playing, dancing, art, handy crafts and cookery. In addition they participate in sport competitions, children days, new year festivals which organized by Children Probation Department , All Ceylon Buddhist Congress  and other organizations with supportive matron. They participated in a workshop held by the Child Care and Probation Office in Panadura on the subject of child abuse. They help each other by keeping the home and the garden clean and beautiful. Small sisters will get guideline from the elders to arrange their clothes, books  and other tools. They play ,study and share the enjoy and sorrows  as the sisters belong to one mother.