Department of Probation and Child Care Services


The ‘Probation System’ in Sri Lanka commenced on 12th March 1945, under the Department of Prisons. It was inaugurated with 10 Probation Officers who were paid salaries by the Government. However even before that the Probation system was tried in courts in Sri Lanka from time to time through voluntary Probation officers after 1919. In 1944 the Probation Ordinance was enacted to keep offenders under Probation. Accordingly by 1960 the Probation system had been extended throughout the Island by appointing Probation Officers to all Judicial Districts in the Island. Since the Probation System was functioning under the Department of Prisons, it was known as the Department of Prisons and Probation with the extension of the probation systems. The Children and Young Persons Ordinance No 48 of 1952 was enacted and enforced in Sri Lanka.A separate Department, titled the Department of Probation and Child Care Services, was established on 1st October 1956, bringing the probation functions too under its purview.The objectives of the Department as envisaged by the Government are as follows.

Limiting the imprisonment of offenders by rehabilitating them using probation strategies with a view to re-integrate them to the society as good citizens.
Taking very lenient and Mitigated judicial actions in respect of children and young persons
Provision of requisite service to needy children and young persons
Offering such children, as far as possible the opportunity to live with their parents and provision of due protection

With the establishment of Provincial Council system in Sri Lanka, some administrative powers were vested with the Provincial Councils. Hence some of the functions of the Department have been assigned to Provincial Commissioners of Probation.

Tudawe Children Development Center has registered under Department of Probation and Child Care Services from 1st of June  1989.
It carryout  to improve infrastructure of the  Children Development Center based on the government funds.Futher  it organize different activates and events like concerts , sport meets to improve the skills of the children.Department of Probation and Child Care Services responsible for administration,quality reviews of the Children and ensure the protection of all the children including the children in Development Centers.

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