Creativity within Us

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This is a showcase of our talents as at 2023 , We would like to thank all the teachers and volunteers helped to upskill our hidden talents in arts and crafts. Lets help to make products to support our home. Our talent in the acting …. This is a showcase of the structures we created during the inter home competitions in 2017 and 2018

Get together 2015

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Get together 2015 A get together was held at Tudawe Children Development Centre in March 2015 with the participation of children who were grown up there since 1991. It was organized by the children currently living there which was a concept of their chief matron. Children who lived there in past have completed their school education and they got the ability to build their own lives. Most of them got married and having their own families now. Some were occupied … Continue reading “Get together 2015”

Your donations

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Your donations Tudawe Children Home accommodates thirty-five to forty children based on the availability of the accommodation and other facilities. The Board of Trustees and Merton expect your support to make these children’s life happy and their future secured, your Donations will be the path for that. You can visit Tudawe Children’s Home and give them your kind donations from your hand or you can send your valuable gift using some other way. Daily  Tudawe Children Home operates on a … Continue reading “Your donations”

All Ceylon Buddhist Congress

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All Ceylon Buddhist Congress The All Ceylon Buddhist Congress was setup with the instinctive cooperation of devoted Buddhist leaders in the year 1919 specified as a special organization linkup with all other Buddhist Associations in Sri Lanka to ensure the stability of Buddhism, specially dedicated to protecting and promoting Buddhism not only in Sri Lanka but also in another county as well. All Ceylon Buddhist Congress plays a vital role to promote, foster and protect the interest of Buddhism and … Continue reading “All Ceylon Buddhist Congress”

Tudawe Children Development Center premises

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Tudawe Children Development Center premises Tudawe historical house is located in the beautiful village area. The Tudawe Children Development Center premises gathered around the parental House and Property which has enough space for buildings as well as playgrounds. We have to remember Tudawe Family and other initiators who encourage us to donate this nearly half-arced property for making a better world for children. Tudawe Parental house gives birth to the Children’s home which has four bedrooms, a living room, verandahs, … Continue reading “Tudawe Children Development Center premises”

Shrine Room & Computer Room

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Shrine Room & Computer Room  Our Shrine Room   Our former trustee, Mrs. M.D.L.Gunathilaka Jayathunga has rendered a great service to Tudawe Children Development Center as holding the Secretory. In addition, she has taken the initiation to build a  Shrine Room in 1996 with her own money with the purpose of improving the religious activities of children which ultimately creates a good human being.  However, Shrine Room was not in the good condition during 2020 due to the time period from … Continue reading “Shrine Room & Computer Room”