Get together 2015

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Get together 2015 A get together was held at Tudawe Children Development Centre in March 2015 with the participation of children who were grown up there since 1991. It was organized by the children currently living there which was a concept of their chief matron. Children who lived there in past have completed their school education and they got the ability to build their own lives. Most of them got married and having their own families now. Some were occupied … Continue reading “Get together 2015”

Thalpitiya Village

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Thalpitiya Village Thalpitiya Village is located 31 km away from the central city, Colombo. Though it is close to city center, It has preserved the beauty of the Village, and currently going through a lot of development projects. Let’s see the Beauty of the Village, If you travel by train,you feel the  breeze of the Indian ocean,  you can get down from the Pinwattha or Wadduwa Station and walk towards Thalpitiya. On the beach, and there are numerous hotels ready … Continue reading “Thalpitiya Village”